Why Choose Us?



World Class Bearings: We provide our customers with all type of indigenous bearing with world class quality.


Non Standard Bearings: Any requirement for Non- Standard bearings is easily fulfilled by Mangal Impex due to its vast knowledge and links in the industry. It specializes in non- standard industrial bearings.


Genuine Products with Excellent Quality: Company has always proved the 100% quality products it provides with genuine intent.


After Sales Service and Technical Assistance: The Company provides after sales service and technical assistance as per the customers requirement and needs.


Guarantee/Warranty Certificate: Bearings are provided to the valuable customer along with guarantee/ warranty certificate.


Emergency Breakdowns met: Emergency requirements/ Breakdowns are met in the shortest possible time. We care for our customers' needs and thus our effort has always led to faster turnaround.


Inventory Maintained: Customer’s burden is reduced as inventory is maintained by Mangal Impex as per customers needs.


Quick Delivery: The company provides just-in-time delivery with its streamlined supply chain.


Cost Saving: We provide long-life, shock-resistant and high reliability bearings with excellent quality and better performance, resulting in increased cost saving.


Annual Rate Contracts: Rate contracts on annual basis are also signed, thus reducing the effort and time wastage of customer to search for alternatives.


Reduced Consumption of Bearings: Mangal Impex has proven cases of less consumption or reduced consumption of bearings for many of its customers.


Less Cost of Purchase: Mangal Impex is a direct importer and agent of  many manufacturers around the globe, so there are no intermediary costs involved. We provide our customers with highly competitive market prices.


Attending customers queries promptly: We believe that if customers are satisfied then it proves our worth well. Customers are always given quick support.


Guiding customers for preventive and pro-active maintenance: Customers are always provided with the first hand information, needed by them for smooth functioning of their work in addition to maintenance of the products, as and when required.